Wednesday, March 23

Project 1, Week Four: 21-3-2011

Presentation week.
Overlook at the project

 Plan of the house with geometric lines, representing how the geometry has formed the house in its basic shape.

 Public vs Private spaces. This presentation of this house

Project 1, Week Three: 14-3-2011

As a group we spend 4-5 days fully or partially to develop our model of siza's house.

Plus extensive hours on the model, I also finalised my drawings.

Project 1, Week Two: 7-3-2011

After reading few papers on siza's house, I started to understand the house in more depth; Realising the abundant Ideas which could have been possibility imbedded in one architecture. below are my notes in this regard;

antonio carlos siza house:
Bay window: figurative, centralised not abstract
both situations : the house faces street yet turns inward
Entrance: human and car at same level. process of entering (take a turn to enter)
form: no room is geometrically similar to another yet related to another
         multi purpose or can take multi personalities.
the twist of the column: clue to the hidden geometry of the house. 
interior courtyard: inside, outside space/alteration between the two.
openings: connects the spaces while it doesn't change the originality of the place(e.g., connects dinning room to courtyard without altering the inside/outside definition of the space)
diagonal cuts: the walls has been cut diagonally by the hidden geometry.

Project 1, Week One: 28-2-2011

Assignement one was introduced to us. We as a group decided on studying Antonio Carlos siza house by Alvaro Siza. During this week, I only looked at few architectural readings on this house and alvaro siza's architecture in general.

Architectural design studio 3, 2011

From this Post onward, I will be recording my progress in design studio 3 course which would include my thoughts, drawings and models.

Saturday, November 13

Model-it workshop

Week 1 In-Class Model Exercise:

Week 1 Presentation model:
Church of Light (1/100) Balsa Wood

Week 2 In-class exercises:
Process modeling

 Week 2 Presentation Model:
Fisher House (1/200)

Week 3 In-class exercise:
Part of Fisher House (1/50) (Balsa wood)

Week 3 Presentation Model:
Fisher House (1/50) (Balsa Wood)

Tuesday, June 15

sketch up buildings

Building: "

3D model by zoha
Buildings used in Experiment 3

Final captures

Planning the elevator, the bridge and the meeting point

After exploring my site, I decided to make Marina management buildings as my clients work places. this two building can be connected via a pedestrian bridge from top levels to each other. I then decided to create 3 elevators for each building outside of the building in order to keep the city view as the clients go up the elevator.

The meeting point is going to be right under the bridge connecting the two buildings together.
The meeting table follows the form of the elevators and the bridge. The meeting point is surrounded with trees which provides a private space for the clients to discuss their ideas.

Creating Marina city in sandbox 2 (crysis)

Saturday, June 5

Exploring the site: Marina city, Chicago

The above section of the Chicago city is my site theme which I am going to create in sandbox 2.
where the red sign is, there are two identical cylindrical buildings called Marina city management center.

Marina management center are the inspiration for my clients work place. The two buildings are going to be connected form the top with a continous bridge going around the Maria city, through all buildings. by creating this bridge, the two clients are facilitated with a meeting area.

The valley: Marina City, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Chicago city is the composition of natural and built environment where the river runs throughout the metro area. Chicago city has inspired me in my third experiment as i find the site related and suitable for my clients businesses.